Invocations during Sujood

Invocations during Sujood - Dua 1

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41. Subhaana Rabbiyal-A'laa.

Glory is to my Lord, the Most High. (This is said three times in Arabic)

Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah, An-Nasa'i, At-Tirmithi, and Ahmad. See also Al-Albani, Sahih At-Tirmithi 1/83.

Invocations during Sujood - Dua 2

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42. Subhaanaka Allaahumma Rabbanaa wa bihamdika Allaahum-maghfir lee.

Glory is to You, O Allah, our Lord, and praise is Yours. O Allah, forgive me.

Al-Bukhari and Muslim, see invocation no. 34 above.

Invocations during Sujood - Dua 3

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43. Subboohun, Quddoosun, Rabbul-malaa'ikati warrooh.

Glory (to You), Most Holy (are You), Lord of the angels and the Spirit
Muslim 1/533,

Invocations during Sujood - Dua 4

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44. Allaahumma laka sajadtu wa bika 'aamantu, wa laka 'aslamtu, sajada wajhiya lillathee khalaqahu, wa sawwarahu, wa shaqqa sam'ahu wa basarahu, tabaarakallaahu 'ahsanul-khaaliqeen.

O Allah, to You I prostrate myself and in You I believe. To You I have submitted. My face is prostrated to the One Who created it, fashioned it, and gave it hearing and sight. Blessed is Allah, the Best of creators.
Muslim 1/534 and others.

Invocations during Sujood - Dua 5

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45. Subhaana thil-jabarooti, walmalakooti, walkibriyaa'i, wal' adhamati.

Glory is to You, Master of power, of dominion, of majesty and greatness.[2]
Abu Dawud 1/230, An-Nasa'i, Ahmad. See also Al-Albani, Sahih Abu Dawud 1/166

Invocations during Sujood - Dua 6

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46. Allaahum-maghfir lee thanbee kullahu, diqqahu wa jillahu, wa 'awwalahu wa 'aakhirahu wa 'alaaniyatahu wa sirrahu.

O Allah, forgive me all my sins, great and small, the first and the last, those that are apparent and those that are hidden.
Muslim 1/350.

Invocations during Sujood - Dua 7

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47. Allaahumma 'innee 'a'oothu biridhaaka min sakhatika, wa bimu'aafaatika min 'uqoobatika wa 'a'oothu bika minka, laa 'uhsee thanaa'an 'alayka 'Anta kamaa 'athnayta 'alaa nafsika.

O Allah, I seek protection in Your pleasure from Your anger, and I seek protection in Your forgiveness from Your punishment. I seek protection in You from You. I cannot count Your praises. You are as You have praised Yourself.

Muslim 1/352.

Duas from the Quran & Sunnah

O Allah, send peace and blessings upon our Prophet Muhammad pbuh, his companions, and his family and all those who follow them in righteousness till the Day of Reckoning. Ameen.

Duas are taken from the Fortress of the Muslim (Pocket Size) Invocations from the Qura'an & Sunnah Compiled by Sa'id Wahf Al-Qahtani.

This is a collection of the prayers of the Holy Prophet of Islam taken from the pages of the Holy Qur'an and authentic works of Traditions. The Prophet was a great believer in prayers. He made supplications to his Lord with a zeal rarely to be found in the religious literature of the world.

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